New Media Design and Production

New Media Design and Production is a Major Subject within the Master’s Degree Programme in New Media, focusing on art and design in interactive media. The education is project-oriented, combining practice with theory, hands-on with minds-on. The project modules emphasize interdisciplinary and collaborative work, while individual skills are studied in the tools & skills modules, in workshops and through tutored studio work. Students in New Media in the Media Lab can choose to focus their studies on dynamic visualisation, art & culture, interaction design and interactive & generative storytelling.

A student who graduates from the programme is able to understand the complex demands of New Media and has the skills required in special areas of creative collaboration, concept development, design and realisation. A graduate has a broad enough understanding of the diversification across disciplines for a holistic view of the field of New Media, in addition to a deepened knowledge into his/her own special expertise.   He/she is capable to critically analyse and develop established digital and new media design traditions, as well as able to extend his/her professional competence and provide creative input to the development of the design field of New Media. A graduate is expected to have reached a level of proficiency where further external or doctoral studies can be undertaken.
Running since 1994, about 15-20 new students start their studies every year. Our applicants’ backgrounds vary widely and we have always attempted to recruit a true interdisciplinary team of students with each intake. Sharing knowledge and working in collaborative groups within experimental production and research processes is a basic premise of our work in the Media Lab.
The studies of the Media Lab are characterized by collaboration in an experimental and critical environment in which interaction and work in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams occurs on a wide scale between students and staff as well as with students of other faculties and institutions. By nature studies in ’new media’ emphasize emerging fields and practices and related tools and technologies for communication, creative production and distribution. In practice graduates of the Media Lab tend to become employed in ’new’ roles and ’emerging professions’ within the broad gamut of the new media industry, as well as in related research and development activities.
During the programme, students will specialise according to their personal skills and motivation. Their future professional profiles relate to the various fields of new media design and research including interaction design, information design, interface design,  interactive and generative storytelling, new media production, software design and digital animation.

The curriculum contains a number of software tools courses, but in general we expect students to be either proficient in using the tools of the trade, or willing to set aside time for self-study. For this, we provide a library of tutorials, as well as one-on-one coaching.
The students can also continue their studies to doctoral degree, e.g. by doing (part of) their research in research groups at the Department of Media.
The programme provides an excellent basis for an international career. A significant number of the department’s applicants, students, teachers and researchers are from abroad, and all the courses are taught in English. Students and researchers are encouraged to network internationally and have an option to spend a part of their studies abroad through any of our exchange programmes.  

The programme is fully taught in English, and students can write their thesis in Finnish, Swedish or English.  

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