Game Design and Production

The Game Design and Production major is one of the three majors inside the 2-year MA in New Media programme, focusing on design for interactive digital media. The education is project-oriented, combining practice with theory, hands-on with minds-on. The project modules emphasize interdisciplinary and collaborative work, while individual skills are studied in workshops and through tutored studio work.

The Game Design and Production major provides a unique possibility for learning game design skills while building theoretical and conceptual understanding on games. Students will deepen their existing skills in the areas of game design and production based on a personal study plan. Making games in multidisciplinary groups is a big part of the studies, and lecturers from game companies and academia open up exciting and relevant points of view to the ongoing student productions. In addition to game design and production courses, the studies can be complemented with courses from related fields such as 3d animation, interactive storytelling, and interaction design in Media Lab, or other relevant topics from other Aalto schools, like entrepreneurship, advanced programming or business.

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