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Bound publications come in various shapes and sizes. Courtesy of our expanding research scene, a number of papers and reports are being steadily produced, and every now and then books on various topics pop into existence.


Our master’s thesis works – sadly not the older ones – are stored in Aaltodoc / Department of Media. A copy of each work can be found in Aralis library, and one copy here in Media Lab.

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Our research related publications can currently be found in the Acris database.


Summary of current topics and range of books. Please note this is an incomplete list.

Urban Information toolkit
Arki research group people have a new publication fresh from the oven and free to download.
The urban information toolkit provides a set of tools to inspire and facilitate collaboration inside heterogeneous groups of people that are interested in designing services and new media solutions around urban data and information. The material is based on field work in Helsinki conducted with supported by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation TEKES (through the Kaupunkitieto ja toiminnan hallinta project, KaToHan) and the Aalto Media Factory (through the Urban Media Prototyping project, UMPro).
The PDF of the publication can be downloaded from 

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Media Lab Helsinki 20

Author: Olli Sulopuisto
Editors: Philip Dean, Kati Åberg
ISBN 978-953-60-0063-3 (print)
ISBN 978-952-60-0064-0 (pdf)
This book is a celebration of 20 years of work at the Media Lab Helsinki. The older we get, the stronger we get!

MediaLab_20years  pdf



Towards Peer-production in Public Services: cases from Finland

This book, edited by researchers from Aalto University, Department of Media, is a collection of articles that deal broadly with the relationships between peer-to-peer dynamics, and public services. Most of the cases presented are illustrative of recent developments and discussions in Finnish society, however, also included are broader international perspectives, giving historical reflection and future-oriented speculation on how peer production might affect the structures of our society. Of particular interest is the role of Internet and new media in making these developments visible and scalable.

Sosiaalinen media opetuksessa
Authors: Tarmo Toikkanen, Eija Kalliala
Sosiaalinen media opetuksessa is the first book on social media in education, by Tarmo Toikkanen and Eija Kalliala
More information about the book (in Finnish) is available at

UNESCO YDC Educator’s Kit
Authors: Teemu Leinonen, Joanna Saad-Sulonen
The UNESCO YDC Educator’s Kit is designed to help teachers and educators working in schools, youth clubs, community centres, and training institutes to generate and manage project-based learning activities with young people. The focus is on the creative use of information and communication technologies, global challenges of development, cultural diversity and inter-cultural dialogue.
The layout and pictures by Anna Salmi.

Media Lab Helsinki 10 Years
Editors: Marjo Mäenpää, Jon Nykänen
Celebrating the first 10 years of the Media Lab at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, this book looks back through a series of interviews of alumni and staff members. Available in Finnish and in English. Contact: