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However you’d like to reach us, you’ll find the directions here. If you’re planning to visit us, we do get a fair number of requests for tours, so we generally recommend visiting us during our bi-annual Demodays. That way you actually get to see many ongoing projects and productions. Please contact us for more information on our visiting policies and upcoming Demoday schedules. One good place to find information on our latest news and events is the Mlab Twitter Feed.

For any general questions, mail us at Email is our preferred method of communication.

If you’re looking for a certain person, check our People pages. Please note that some individuals may have chosen to restrict access to their contact information. 
Personal emails:

If you’d prefer to call us, the phone number of our office is +358 41 518 9766. The office hours are typically from 9.00 to 16.00. Our time zone is CET +1 (GMT +2).


Our premises in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University are located in Otaniemi Campus, Espoo.

For visiting us, here’s the actual street address:

Media Lab Helsinki
School of Art, Design and Architecture
Otaniementie 14, 1st floor
02150 Espoo

For postal deliveries the address is:

Media Lab Helsinki
School of Art, Design and Architecture
P.O.Box 31000
FI-00076 Aalto


Helsinki has an extensive system of biking lanes and routes. Combined with the fact that this country is quite flat, reaching us by pedalling is an interesting option.

Best way to reach us from the Helsinki is via metro. The bus number 551 comes to Otaniemi from Pasila, which people living in Hakaniemi, Kallio, Pasila direction might want to use during rush hours.

The taxi fare from the center of the city to Otaniemi is approximately 30 euros. Call 0100 0700 for taxi service.

Further information about public transport in Helsinki can be found from the Helsinki City Transport site.
Map of Helsinki region:


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