14.11. Master’s thesis presentations

Master’s thesis presentations MEDIA LAB
On 14.11.2018 in the room L 102, Väre

12.00 J. Camilo Sánchez Carranco: Vibrating instruments in virtual reality – A cohesive approach to the design of Virtual Reality Musical Instruments

13.00 Joaquín Aldunate: Modular composition environment: A tool for improvisation of conventional electronic music.

14.00 Alex van Giersbergen: The Autonomous Creative System

15.00 Ilari Niitamo: Ruby+ Blob: Crafting an app for teaching kids computational thinking

16.00 Mona Taponen: (Tunnenalytiikkaa pintaa syvemmältä: Mitä suunnittelijan tulisi tietää emootioista?) Emotions analytics beyond the surface: What should a designer know about emotions? (pres in Engl)